Something to brighten your day

Hello again.

The clouds are hanging low and its grey again, the winds blowing a gail and its raining again.  Funny that, its winter time still.  Here’s some more colourful things to lift the spirits of you all.  Narcissus are a great group of bulbs that are very cheerful with colours ranging from whites to yellows and a few have white and pink or apricot as well.  Easy to grow, easy to look after and easy everything else.  The best part of them is when they flower, which is winter/early spring and the most common and most loved of them all is no doubt the stately King Alfred Daffodil.  Being common is not bad either.  If it was Agapanthus, I do see a problem now, but I digress.  King Alfred’s are much-loved because they are cheerful and breezy and very colourful particularly on a grey day.  I think I need to plant some more.




I definitely need to plant some more.


The Sun is out

Glad to see the sun has made an appearance again.  I know it’s always there, it doesn’t go on a holiday or take a catnap, it’s either in the southern hemisphere or the northern every day.  The relentless grey clouds have made it vanish for a while.  Here’s some pictures with bright yellow sunny colours to extend the sunshine a bit. 




Just to let you know, the winds will pick up again this evening and another cold front will be here.  Smile!