A meltdown of Spring Roses

Hi There!

I apologise… I though I said there wouldn’t be too many more photos of roses.  I just happened to come across a few more megabytes of data and had to show them.  The title should give it away i.e.- meltdown, starting to fall apart or maybe its just tied in with previous titles.  I’ll let you work that out!



A right royal Golden Celebration

Hi there!

Another great rose is Golden Celebration which was bred by David Austin.  I had a row of standards of these at a previous garden and they were always spectacular.  Reason enough to feature it again in my current garden.  To me its one of those must have plants.  Check out these photos.

img_5182img_5183img_5184img_4462img_4454img_4354img_4351img_4358 img_4352img_4350 img_3954 img_3949 img_4453 img_4463