Kiama, part 4.

Hi there,

In part 4 of Kiama which will wrap up this trip, i will focus on some of the surrounding areas of Kiama that interface with the sea.  In non jargon language we would call it the Coastline.  We have seen some already and on any given day the sea can be calm or ferocious, which may or may not change our perception of the coastline.


Look at the photo above, the rockpools are nice and calm whereas at the top right hand side of the photo the ocean is pounding into the coastline.  What if we change the sky to dark storm clouds?  Does that change our perception of the coastline?  Does it suddenly become threatening?  Maybe, maybe not.  One can find beauty in nature in any circumstance i would think.  One thing is for sure, it’s the ferocious ocean that sculpts the coastline.


Look at the power of the ocean above which slams into some rocks and creates that huge spray.  Majestic and frightening all at the same time.


Here it is nice and calm and barely a ripple in the ocean.


I like this photo, it shows the interplay between rock, sand and ocean.  Sand that once was rock worn down by the ocean over centuries.


Here’s a picture of some rough sea, angry at the wind pulling at it.


Just the obligatory seagull surveying the sea, nothing more!


Some interesting formations above created by the endless cycle of tides.


It would be interesting to know if the first Western Explorers who saw these interesting block formations a couple of hundred years ago would notice anything different today.  I somehow think not, there may be one or two changes in size in some of these blocks.  One may have to go back 10’s of thousands of years to see any real difference.  I’m not a geologist, only surmising!


The ravenous sea wanting to swallow you up!








The thing about Kiama is there’s some lovely coastline, rugged and dangerous looking, some lovely beaches looking cool calm and collected, some lovely rock pools that can be a whole lot of fun.  A bit of everything to suit everyone.

Until next time.



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