Hi There,

Last week we went to our local water hole which just happens to be the Hume Weir.  A sizable body of water when full.  Click HERE for heaps of info on the Hume Dam.  The surface area of Hume Dam is a tad under 50,000 acres and when full can hold a touch over 3,000,000 mega litres.  Quite impressive for a local water hole one can say!  Anyway, the reason we were here was to cool down with a swim since we are smack bang in the middle of summer.


after more than a week of constant 37-40 deg Celsius plus warm nights makes people go a bit stir crazy and senile.  Yes I know! we live in a hot country and should be used to it but it would be nice to have some hot days then some cool days, more hot days then some cool days and so on.  Stop whingeing you say, ok, no worries.


Anyway, the sunburnt land contrasts nicely with the cool blue water and the fluffy white clouds.  Since we had now cooled down and had a bit of tea, the light playing across the weir started to change as the sun was sinking lower and lower.


I quite like the above picture for its moody look. The cloudy sky and sunlight painting the far hills in subtle colours.  Then it all went a bit crazy!


It started raining colour.  I particularly like how the clouds are outlined or highlighted in pinks and reds.


Epic in my opinion!


Nature! Got to love it, it entrances one at the most unexpected times.


Not sure how a panoramic shot will look here but willing to give it a whirl.


One final blast of colour above and then it was all over in a blink of the eye.  If we didn’t have such easy access to electronic devices and cameras today, one would hardly believe the spectacles that nature provides in an instant which then just evaporate away as if nothing happened.  We were entranced for the minute or so this light show was on and then promptly returned to our lives.  Until next time!