Welcome to Huon Perennials.

On this site you will see a broad range of perennial plants growing in my garden, a blog about my garden or mutterings or even a great series on our recent trip to the Northern Territory( a few photos below), some great photo’s, and whatever else I may think that might be interesting to you or not.

As you will see I enjoy most plants, although my interests are around Salvia’s, Penstemon’s, Roses’s and Clematis.  Please note that parts of this site are still under construction and with limited free time it may take some time before I have it completed or the way things go , maybe never!.  Thanks for your understanding and patience, and thanks for visiting my site.  Have a great day!









6 thoughts on “HOME

    • Hi Cath,
      Sounds like a plan. I’m not having a planned opening this year, too many other things I need to get done. Always open to anyone so just ring and we will organise a time. The week of and after cup day is usually the best for my roses.


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