Gardening comes early to some people and late to others, I’m from the latter category.  It was only after getting married and buying our first home that I realised someone had to mow and edge the lawn.  That someone was me, Alan.

Mowing turned into weeding, weeding into planting and the rest is history they say.

I was told by several people that I should go too night school, I eventually did and after three years of part time study I left Burnley College with a certificate 4 in Horticulture.  That has now been converted into a diploma.

The first plant love of my life were Roses, not sure why or how but I think their fragrance and beauty had something to do with it.  Next came Clematis, quickly followed by Salvia’s and Penstemon’s.  I have to thank my mum for introducing me to Clematis.  She had a few at home, somewhere between 50-100, I’m not sure now.

Salvia’s and Penstemon’s seemed to be a natural progression.  The how or why, who know’s? certainly not me, it just did!

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