Cactus Country. Part 1

Hi There!

Cactus and Succulents are plants that are not really in my sphere of interest, I’ve taken this point of view for nigh on twenty years and I’ve been strong in my dislike for them.  I can’t explain what has happened because I don’t know what has happen because now I seem to be softening in my stance towards these plants.  So much so that in the last six months I have started to look at them and admire them.  I now look at things like World of Succulents on Facebook,  Danger Garden and Succulents and More(2 excellent blogs that I read).  I also discovered recently a place called Cactus Country which is located in Strathmerton, Victoria about an hour and 50 minutes from us.  So we decided a visit was required and this is what we saw!

img_5940 img_5941 img_5942 img_5943 img_5944 img_5946 img_5947 img_5948 img_5949 img_5951 img_5952 img_5953 img_5955 img_5957 img_5959 img_5960 img_5961 img_5963 img_5964 img_5966 img_5967 img_5969 img_5970 img_5971 img_5973 img_5974 img_5975 img_5976 img_5977 img_5978 img_5980 img_5981 img_5982 img_5984 img_5985 img_5986 img_5987 img_5988 img_5989 img_5992 img_5993 img_5994 img_5995 img_5997


I’m sorry I don’t have names for any of these, I don’t have the foggiest idea!  I know some are Ferocactus, Agaves, Opuntias, Cereus, Saguaro, Trichocereus and Yuccas.  But that’s about it.  For now I just hope you have enjoyed the photos of these amazing plants in all their varied shapes, colours and spines!


Your Reminder

Your reminder, should you wish to be reminded is to attend the Huon Perennials Open Garden Days that are coming up real soon.


There will be,

  • A Garden to enjoy (still in development)

  • Nursery Sales

  • Plant giveaways 

When: Saturday the 2nd, Monday the 4th and Tuesday the 5th of November 2013.

Time: 10am-4pm

Where: 65 Huon Road, Tangambalanga, Victoria.

Contact: Alan 0419884613

Entry is FREE!

Hope to see you there!


Hot under the collar

Hi there again,

After all these years of gardening i finally have my first greenhouse.  Not sure how I’ve managed to get through life without one, but now with recycled benches and materials from my workplace, we have lift off.  The heat generated by this wonder is immense and i reckon any day over 20 degrees celsius the front cover needs to be rolled up or else there will be a lot of plants hot under the collar!  Here it is in construction mode sitting on its final resting place, waiting to be covered.


I know its pretty rough and ready, but it wont be falling over in the near future and its very serviceable. Not too concerned about aesthetics here as you can see.  Notice the ground, we had about 60mm of rain in a 10 day period on already soaked ground.  My boots were producing mud pies-Lovely!   Here it is now covered with greenhouse plastic, this needs to go on a certain way.  A bit like tin foil which has a matt surface and a shiny reflective surface, although I couldn’t notice much difference between the two sides.  Lucky for me there was some fine print saying “This side in”.  As with all fine print situations, easily missed.


Now! How do we get in this thing, run a knife up the two front corners and roll up the plastic I suppose.  Good, let’s do that then.


Nice.  Look at all those  little Salvia’s powering along.  Don’t worry, both levels are now full.  Need to start another one me thinks…..Here’s the cost breakdown.

Shelving: Kindly donated by workplace

Racking: Kindly donated by workplace

Timber: Kindly donated by workplace

Tek screws: Kindly donate by workplace

Geenhouse plastic: $50 for 2 metres(7 metres wide) from local nursery.

Total cost: priceless.

No testing or harm was done to any insects during the construction of this greenhouse.  I may have accidently sprayed the mozzies though.

Here’s some more plants to look at as well, not too many….


Cheery for now.