About time, some may say!

Well!  Here we go, as the heading may suggest, several people have said that I should blog.  What’s a blog I ask?  Not sure, I had to research it(google it that is). Ah! I get it, it’s just someone with plenty of spare time on their hands typing gibberish at a keyboard.  Anyway, I will give this thing a whirl and see where we end up.  Hopefully you will see blogs pertaining to our garden, plants and other green related things.  You might even see plane related blogs, or trains or political leadership battles.  Now you know I’m really scraping the barrel.

Please do check out the website that this blog is attached to, and yes its only the start, so things are being updated and added daily if I can with all the spare time I have.  Do leave comments and feedback, I do have broad shoulders .Do ask questions if you have any, I will answer them if I can(even the silly one’s) and by the way, the question not asked is the silly one.

Here’s a question, what’s this?(see photo below).


Here’s a tip.  It’s from a group of plants that I like(see website. www.huonperennials.com)

Good luck.  What’s the prize you say?  There is none, maybe just some bragging rights or something like that!



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