Spring 2013, Part 2

Hi There!

Spring is a magical time of year, it’s usually when an abundance of plants are at their best and if the weather is kind they will put on a great show.  Today the weather is odd for this time of year, its cloudy and raining and cold(about  17 deg C).  Forecast for the rest of the week is some rain and temperatures hovering just below or above 20 degree’s C.  Normally we would expect anything from mid to high twenties to low to high thirties.  I’m enjoying the cool weather but I know plenty of you wont be.  Here’s a few more photo’s of the garden and plants in flower.  Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Spring 2013, Part 2

  1. Great pictures of the garden Alan . We have not gone to the west as my sister had a fall and has had to have a hip replacement, so we now hope to go next year but don’t know when. May get over to see you before Xmas with my friend who loves roses


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