Lake Catani and other things

Hi there!

Lake Catani is a beautiful artificial lake on the Mt Buffalo plateau sitting at an altitude of about 1300m.  We escaped here to take a breather from the recent run of hot weather and for a relaxing afternoon and a nice cool swim.


You can even hire a canoe for a pleasant paddle on the lake.  We didn’t get one, that’s another whole story nearly!  Here’s some kids having a wonderful time.


Someone’s left their thongs in the water.


Water was very clean until it was stirred up, not to cold either.  Temperature at this altitude was about 30 celsius as opposed to 36 in the valley.  There were lots of wildflowers still out and one should come here in spring I think for quite a good show.



Lake Catani in the distance


Above is Wahlenbergia gloriosa


Not a great example but above is Stylidium montanum.  Also known as a Trigger plant.


Brachyscome spathulata


Eucalyptus delegatensis. Also known as Alpine Ash.


Eurobin Falls with not much water falling down.


Lady bath Falls with just a trickle coming down in the top left hand corner.


Just a trickle.  After rain this is an absolute torrent.


Crystal clear water at Lady bath falls.  Some deep pools here too for a nice refreshing swim.  Refreshing may not be the correct word!


For those who don’t know Mt Buffalo, it’s a square-shaped(roughly speaking) mountain plateau with an altitude of 1723m.  Situated in the north-east of Victoria roughly between Myrtleford and Bright.  First seen by Hume and Hovell in 1824 and named so because it looked like a sleeping Buffalo.  Over 550 species of plants can be found here with the majority being from the sub alpine and alpine plant communities.  It has some impressive waterfalls, particularly after rain events.  The water thunders down the huge granite slabs.  It’s an easy drive up to the plateau and you can walk up to the top of the Horn which is the highest point for magnificent 360 degree views of the Victorian Alps.



A log slowly decaying


A well camouflage fellow getting around


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