A collection of Salvia leaves

Hi there!

When people find out that I grow a lot of Salvia’s, most of them think that I have a lot of the annual ‘Bonfire’ Salvia.  Not so!  There is not one ‘Bonfire’ Salvia in my garden.  I suppose it doe’s have its place in a garden somewhere though.  There is approximately 900-1100 species of Salvia around the world, this depends on what literature you read.  Then there’s countless thousands of hybrids and cultivars with an amazing array of names.  Below I have included just a few pictures of the leaves of Salvia’s to show you how varied they are.  They range in size from a couple of millimetres to 30cm, from silvers/greys to bright/dark greens and other colours, glossy to furry which makes them look white,, from entire leaves to heavily serrated jagged leaves, crazy shapes and more.  If you were to have a look at every Salvia, I’m sure there would be even more interesting leaves than the one’s I have.  Leaves can tell us lots of things, what habitats there from and the conditions they like and many more things.  Anyway, check out these Salvia leaves from my garden.



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