Hello and Goodbye

Hi There!

After deciding to go down the solar electricity route, we signed up for a system on the 17th of July.  When the installers got here finally and installed the system on our shed roof, they asked how are we connecting this to the house.  We said via the trench you have to dig and lay the appropriate cable.  “No one told us about a trench” they said.  “You contact your people” I said.  They said back “you contact your people”, okay.  My people said ” we will contact their people”, which they did, their people contacted them back then back the other way and then vice versa.  “You will have to pay for the trench and appropriate wiring” my people said to me.  “No I won’t” was my reply, the contract say’s it’s going on the shed roof, not my fault your sales team forget to mention anything about a trench to connect it to the house as was discussed with said sales people.

Trench people finally come, dig a trench make a mess, run a cable, connect it all up, test the system, do some more paperwork, oh and while trenching miss the phone, gas, mains and watering system pipes/cables but manage to clip the storm water pipe!

Said mess after trenching people left and sink holes appearing.


Now we wait for the electrical inspector to come and check it all out,  which he doe’s in a timely fashion, fantastic!

Now we ring our power provider to see if they have received the paperwork so they can send someone out to reprogram our smart meter.  “Sorry, cannot connect you to our solar people today, we’re having phone problems?” or the next day or the one after.  Do they really want us going solar, me thinks not.  Finally get through, “yes have your paperwork, its wrong, have got it fixed up by the trenching people, we have lodged it with another company, they will come and adjust the smart meter”, “when?”, “oh, in the next twenty business days”  Great I say!

Today is the 14th of October, Hello Solar and Goodbye power bills.  We are generating!!!


4.5 kilowatts of beautiful german made solar panels


Inverter and sundry items


A beautiful thing!



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