A few more things

Hi There!

Todays stroll revealed a few more things of interest, take this for example, Anemone sylvestris from central and western Europe which looks quite delicate but is found in dry deciduous woodlands and also meadows.  So it may have some hardiness to it, I have yet to test this in my garden.  I could imagine a whole lot of these flowering under some tree’s somewhere.

Anemone sylvestris Anemone sylvestris

Here’s something interesting as well.  Linaria aeruginea which hails from Spain and Portugal.  This plant is a small perennial, say  15-30 cm both ways with interesting coloured snapdragon like flowers, I think its name means rust coloured.  The flowers certainly have splashes of rust colouring on them!


Here is Aquilegia saximontana which comes from North America and is endemic to the Rocky Mountains, also known as the Rocky Mountain Columbine.  It grows to only about 15-20 cm and has dainty lavender and white flowers with hooked spurs protruding behind the flowers.

Aquilegia saximontana

Here’s a side view

Aquilegia saximontana

I think these would look good massed planted, actually any Columbine would look good massed planted.



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