Hi There!

Where have I been?  What have I been doing?  The answer to these two questions is of course nowhere and nothing.  Do I have writers block, not that I can write though.  Have I been away?  You already know the answer to that one.  Have I been on sick leave or have I broken both arms so that I can’t type?  Did I loose my fingers in a horrible industrial accident?  No.  Have I been busy?  Yes and no. Do I have to fight the kids to get on the computer?  Yes.  That excuse is waning though, since they all have laptops from school.  Do they do much school work on them? NO.  Are the days getting shorter?  Yes.  Will it rain again? At some stage no doubt.  Have I been on Long Service Leave? No, do I want to be? Yes, any leave will do.  Is the dog barking?  Occasionally.

A fox got into the chook yard a couple of weeks ago and decided to have a roast chook for dinner.  Now we only have two left.  How many chooks were there before the fox visited?  Is it blowy outside?  Well, today is.  Did the sun rise?  Yes.  Did you see the Aurora Australis?  We didn’t, to far north.  Do you want to move to Tasmania?  Depends.  You can see the aurora australis from there.  Would you like to go to Nepal?  Yes.  What about N. America?  Yes.  Bali?  No!  What’s with all the questions?  Is it not the Spanish Inquisition?  No, that happened a few years ago.  Can we go to Spain?  Of course!

Did you have breakfast?  Yes.  What’s for lunch?  Not sure, what’s for tea?  Food I think.  Have you fed the animals?  Ummm.  Can you clean up your room?  Why.  Because it’s a mess!  Here’s some standard teenage responses that I know of.  Why?  That’s not fair, later, I’m in the middle of a game and it can’t be paused.  He made the mess, not me.  Hurr, why, when, how come?  Why.  I have rights, I’m a young adult now!  Why, what for.  No! So!  I’m hungry.

Are the leaves turning?  Yes.  Are the nights cooler? Sometimes.  Have we got enough firewood?  Nearly.  Is the firebox cleaned out?  Not quite, why didn’t you do it last year?  Not sure.  Firewood is stacked though.

Can I go now?  Sure!




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