A trip to the Northern Territory. Part 6.

Hi There!

A few last glimpses of Alice Springs

As our time in Alice springs starts to come to an end, our thoughts turn to the Macdonnell Ranges which are our next destination, but before that we spent an afternoon at the Old Telegraph Station situated beside the Todd River, a mostly dry river that runs through Alice Springs.  Here we caught up with a friend from our old Melbourne days, the mountain bikes got ridden(finally) and a dingo made an appearance.  Luck would have it that the week before we were in Alice Springs they had a huge storm which put some water into the Todd river.  All that was left were a few puddles, so we got to see the Todd with a smidge of moisture in it.  Here’s the Todd River in all its empty glory!

img_1328-1Yes it is empty, this is only some puddles that are not moving.

img_1736Some of the kids having a ball in the puddles.


The mountain bikes getting a run, and a soggy crossing!

img_1728 img_1731Here’s the dingo stalking a galah…..

img_1718 img_1720 img_1721Missed it.. ah well, there’s always next time.

One of the many quirky things in Alice Springs is a Beanie Festival in June.  Yes I get it, its winter time and yes it can get cold in Alice Springs in winter time and the desert gets cold overnight, but!!  Well that’s just another whole level of Irony right there!  It was fun though!!  Sorry some of these are blurry but they just had to be included!!

img_1316-1 img_1317-1 img_1315-1 img_1319-1 img_1320-1 img_1318-1

Here’s some more views of the Todd River sans water.

img_1324-1 img_1322-1 img_1738 img_1730 img_1741Well maybe just a smidgen of water.  The parting shot of Alice Springs for this post is from Anzac Hill.  A memorial to the ANZAC’S on a small hill one end of town.  The view was quite something.

img_1335-1 img_1340-1 img_1344-1Thanks “ALICE” it was a blast!!



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