Great Expectations

Hi There,

While I was weeding a few weeks ago I came across a clump of grass like foliage which reminded me again of the surprise that bulbs bring.  They hide underground for  the majority of the year, then the send up foliage then comes the flowers, then set seed and then the foliage dies off and the bulb pulls the nutrients out of the leaves back into itself to provide energy for itself and grow for the following season.  In the photo below we have the said clump of weedy grass like clump which is Narcissus bulbocodium ssp. bulbocodium. Now your thinking  WHAT THE!! but don’t panic it’s also known as one of the charming hoop petticoat daffodils.


Doesn’t look like much doe’s it.  All will be revealed later on.  This species is native to parts of Spain, Portugal, France and Morocco and grows in the mountains on acid soils. Foliage is a nice chive green colour and looks similar as well – round and about 15cm tall.

In the photo below you can see some buds starting to come up.


Not long after we see the beautiful cheery sulphur yellow blooms that look like hoop petticoats if you turn your head on to the side.  Try it.


The above ones are not yet fully open, so try looking at the photo below with your head on the side.  Now you get the picture!


Why have you got your head on the side, you look quite ridiculous.  Here’s a couple more photos just for the fun of it.  With bulbs there is an expectation when you notice the foliage for what’s to come and the reward is great when they flower.  That’s why I like them.  Cheers.



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