Irony, another definition.

Hi there,

Last week I had one of our cars booked in to get new tyres put on it and on the way there, you guessed it, I was pulled over in our little town by a cop from a big town.  “License please”, here you go(pass over license).  “Is this your car your driving”, yes.  “You been drinking today”, no(bear in mind its 9:50am Saturday morning).  “How many did you have last night”, What the!(no I didn’t say that, maybe I thought it though, what’s with the Spanish inquisition!).  None sir,  “Here ,blow into this in a continuous breath until I say stop”, phuuuuuuuuuuuugh. ‘Stop, Thanks”, no worries.  Then I see him start looking at the tyres and I’m thinking,  “And Here we go” (like how the Joker says it in Batman).  He walks around the car checking each tyre, then comes back to me and before he can say anything, I go.  “You won’t believe this but I actually have a 10:30am appointment at Tyrepower to get my tyres done and that’s where I was heading”.  “No worries, but I am giving you a defect notice, it’s not a fine but its to make sure that you get them fixed within 7 days”.  Groan( inside I did, I think I muttered “Sure officer, three bags full”).

So, the long and the short of it is

  • The car was booked in for new tyres
  • The car got pulled over
  • New tyres were put on
  • Vicroads have cleared the defect notice
  • All is well in the world

That’s my new definition of Irony, you just wouldn’t dream about it.



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