Here comes another one

Hi There!

When I was a young boy, so many long years ago now.  It seemed that time was nearly traveling backwards and that the intervals between each Christmas were immense.  How times have changed, hey!  You just need to take about eight blinks of the eye and another Christmas  has arrived.  I arrived at the eight blinks time frame after in-depth scientific analytical consideration concerning the time frame between blinks and its relationship to sequential fullofitness. How do I know Christmas is fast approaching?  Well, apart from the calendar informing me with alarmingly larger printed dates as the month goes on, here are a few more indicators.

Have you had enough of the Christmas carols in shopping centres?  That’s a good indication that Christmas is not too far off.

Have you noticed the tired old Christmas decorations put up by your local council?  Or maybe its the Fake tree that’s appeared in your home.  There’s one in our  home.


Or maybe its the swarm of insects outside(or inside) your home on those hot summer nights!  A problem when they get in your ear when one is sleeping.


This is a peculiar insect that makes circles on the fly screens.  Only kidding, the mesh was pushed against the glass.  I realise that it might be hard to comprehend for those in the northern hemisphere, but as your hemisphere is cooling  ours is heating, so no white Christmas here.  More likely they are brown ones.  The records indicate for the last 10 years from my location that Christmas day averages roughly about 30 degrees Celsius which isn’t to bad.  The hottest day in December in the last forty years was in 2005 and on the 31st where it reached 41.8 degrees Celsius.  Most northern climes no doubt are hovering around zero or below or above, quite a contrast.  I still haven’t worked out how Santa and his reindeer’s manage to acclimatize to our weather for their short visit, particularly when one is wearing a red suit.  Here’s a brown Christmas(below photo).  Our hottest months though are normally January and February and normally at the end of February you will get a week of 40’s just when the kids go back to school, lovely!


And a close up of our back “LAWN”


Dead weeds really.

Today we got to 32.4 degrees Celsius and tomorrow we are expecting 30-60mm of rain, so maybe the brown Christmas will turn into a green Christmas.  Thursday will be down to 20 degrees Celsius and snow above 1000 metres at time according to the Bureau.  Some lucky person may get a white Christmas after all, or a white December day.  Weather!  It’s a funny thing, is it not?

Maybe there are other things that prompt you that Christmas is just around the corner.  It could be the mad rush to buy those presents that everyone will enjoy.

It could be the price of petrol rising.  Mind you, that’s every second week anyway.

Maybe it’s those Christmas lights that need to go up outside.  That reminds me, thanks.

it could be those Christmas cards that are appearing in the mail.

Maybe its school finishing for the year.  Don’t remind us please!  The kids will be home everyday for 8-10 weeks!

Maybe there are many other things that remind you that Christmas is just around the corner.

Whatever they are, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your families.



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