Here comes another one again..

Hi there.
I heard an alarming piece of information today. Are you sitting down? Good.
Here we go, yes its a bit scary I know, but hot cross buns will be in the supermarkets from the 6th of January.  Weird I know, we haven’t even had Christmas yet.  The sad thing is though that I wouldn’t mind if they were available all year round.  That way you could have a couple or three or more during the year and you wouldn’t then need to cram them all in during Easter so that the taste would remain with you until next year.  Easter eggs they can keep confined to Easter because they taste like second-rate chocolate unless your buying Godiva ones.

Christmas mince pies are another thing that needs to be available all year round.  I suppose one could make them anyway if the cravings were to great.  Bakers Delight ones are just a little bit too nice if you ask me.  Nearly as good as home-made ones.  That’s a hint if anyone is wondering.  Christmas fruit cake is allowable all year as well(i know you can get fruit cake any time of the year, it’s just another hint).  Marzipan’s very good to!

Onto something other than food, what about the Poinsettia’s you buy at christmas time?  I’m personally not a fan of them yet they are quite stunning with those red bracts(other colours readily available now).  Did you know that they are native to Mexico which is in the northern hemisphere obviously, and that they flower in winter time.  So you can imagine the headache these poor Poinsettia’s have being six months out of whack.  The silly thing is though is the trouble we go to to  grow these plants at the wrong time of the year to satisfy the consumer.

Chrysanthemum’s are another plant with a headache.  Normally flowering in spring/summer yet we like to force them into flower  late April early May for Mothers day.  Poor things, no wonder over the counter chemist dispensing is rising.  Stunning shapes and colours, yes!  Fan?  No.  Another hint.

By the way, the Bureau of Meteorology got it right the other day.  They said 30-60mm of rain would fall.  I got 38mm, a round of applause please, thanks.  We may have a green Christmas yet!