A ghostly tale

Hi There!

The poor apricot tree must have seen a ghost a couple of weeks ago, it turned white!


Silly me its only the bird netting.  Sorry birds you’re getting zip this year since there’s not many apricots on it.  Its been a tough year.  You can have a look if you like but this is as close as you’re getting to them!


Looks like its time to pick them and today was the day to do it since I only noticed them ripening up nicely this afternoon.  amazing how quickly they ripen and if you miss them they ripen too much for my likening.


Excellent, here we go.  Looks like the ghost’s have moved on.  Better get in there quick before the birds arrive.


Yum!  Oops! there go the ghost’s to the next unsuspecting tree.


Glad we got rid of those scary things.  There’s more apricots than I thought.  Fantastic!


Just in case you didn’t see the above photo, look below!  Apricot Trevatt if you’re wondering.


These on the ground are rolling down to the chook pen.


And these ones I will leave in the tree as an entrée for my feathery friends!


Nothing like freshly picked apricots with a pungent ripe smell, magnificent, and if you can’t eat them all before they get past there best.  Throw them in the pot and stew them for a beautiful addition to your cereal at breakfast time.  Apricot jam any one?



2 thoughts on “A ghostly tale

  1. Hi Alan thanks for all you emails always a great read and brightens up the work day did you say that you had some kittens to get rid of the boss lost a cat last week after 17 years and is looking for a replacement rohan Thorpe



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